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Preserve. Revitalize. Develop. Sustain.





The mission of Solano Affordable Housing Foundation is to preserve, revitalize, develop and sustain affordable housing in Solano County and northern California.

Solano Affordable Housing Foundation is a California public benefit nonprofit corporation that specializes in affordable housing. Solano Housing was organized in 1990 by a coalition of businesses, social and political leaders concerned about escalating housing costs and the need for affordable housing in the Solano County region.

Solano Affordable Housing Foundation currently co-owns 690 affordable apartment units in 7 distinct apartment communities located throughout Solano County, California. We are in the process of revitalizing our existing communities to preserve them as affordable housing. Solano Affordable Housing Foundation partners with government agencies such as the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the State of California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC), the California Housing Finance Agency (CHFA) and private lenders and investors who specialize in affordable housing investments and finance. We are engaging in a comprehensive strategic planning process to evaluate and explore innovative ways to acquire and develop additional affordable housing units and communities both in Solano County and beyond.

Solano Affordable Housing Foundation team consists of a seasoned and experienced staff with extensive experience in all areas of affordable housing planning, finance and development. Our board members consist of both business professionals with relevant backgrounds and expertise, such as development, banking, finance and real estate as well as community members who are committed to livable and sustainable affordable housing.

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